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Whether you want to gain practical experience, complete an elective or practicum, or carry out a research project, Philotimo Med Abroad offers you a wide variety of interesting internship programs in Greece.

What are the benefits of internship programs abroad?

The benefits of joining an internship program abroad are endless, but these are the top 6 reasons why we think everyone should consider an intern abroad program with Philotimo Med Abroad:

  1. To be different and make your resume stand out

Employers receive approximately 39 applications for every graduate job*. Joining an intern abroad program helps improve your job prospects by making your resume stand out from the crowd. Not only you will gain experience in your field, but you will also gain it in a different environment, bringing you over the edge!  

2. Discover a new country, learn a new language, and develop your intercultural skills!

Joining an internship program abroad allows you to gain cross-cultural experience and foreign language skills. This is increasingly important if you are looking to work with recruiters operating in a global economy, or any business with a diverse workforce or client base. Demonstrating how you adapted to working abroad can make you a desirable recruit!

3. Meet interesting (and possibly useful!) new contacts from all over the world

During your internship program abroad, you will meet like-minded individuals from all over the U.S. and the world with the same goals in mind for their future. These will become your lifelong friends that can turn into professional contacts over time.

4. Get out of your comfort zone, and gain confidence and independence!

Getting out of your bubble will challenge you and help you become more independent as you will be forced to make wise decisions on the spot. The long-term effects of your time in an intern abroad program will be priceless as it will show your flexibility and desire to learn. Another important skill to showcase to employers!

5. Demonstrate that you are the candidate who embraces challenge, thinks differently, and has real drive!

The world of work is full of challenges and uncertainty and by taking part in an intern abroad program you prove that you are comfortable with that. Through your internship experience, you will improve your soft skills and become more confident and independent, while displaying your flexibility and desire to learn.

6. Receive academic credit, Letters of Recommendation, and Certificate of Completion while making a difference

You can earn credits through your home institution. Our internship abroad programs are based on organizations that work to improve communities, environments, and the quality of life in their locations. So Philotimo Med Abroad interns know that, while they are developing their own skills and experience, and furthering their studies, they are also contributing to an organization making a real difference.

Customizable Intern Abroad Programs

At Philotimo Med Abroad, we are all about personal treatment and relationship building. So if you are looking for a program that is not on our list, Philotimo Med Abroad may be able to find a suitable intern abroad placement for you. Your Philotimo advisor can work to find a placement in one of our destinations that matches the requirements of your course. You can email our advisors to discuss what you are looking for at

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