University Hospital of Larissa

The University Hospital of Larissa offers diverse opportunities for hospital shadowing across both surgical and non-surgical departments. As an affiliate of the University of Thessaly Faculty of Medicine, the hospital specializes in oncology, cardiology, and neurology, in addition to its membership in the European Reference Network for Hepatological Diseases (ERN-RARE LIVER) and its role as the National Expertise Centre of Greece in Autoimmune Liver Diseases, with a specific focus on Autoimmune Hepatitis and Primary Biliary Cholangitis.


The hospital plays a significant role in the training and professional development of medical personnel, including doctors, residents, specialists, nurses, and paramedical staff.

The Philotimo Med Abroad Internship at the University Hospital actively participates in clinical and research projects to advance healthcare. Past participants have expressed gratitude for the cultural immersion experience and the valuable insights gained into the global healthcare system.

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