Faculty of Medicine at the University of Thessaly

The University of Thessaly is a rapidly advancing institution of higher education, having been ranked among the top 1000 universities worldwide by the 2019 Shanghai Ranking of World Universities.

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Thessaly is committed to advancing knowledge through both teaching and research, while also aiming to contribute to local, national, and international cultural and economic development. In pursuit of these objectives, the University is dedicated to establishing an educational environment that fosters critical thinking, innovation, freedom of expression, and the nurturing of democratic ideals.

University of Thessaly
Biology Class

The University consistently demonstrates a keen interest in high-quality scientific research, deeming it essential for the generation and dissemination of new knowledge. It actively promotes the scientific distinction of research potential across all disciplines, recognizes outstanding individual and collective achievements, and fosters a conducive climate for research and educational innovation.

The Philotimo Med Abroad medical program offers students the opportunity to incorporate diverse elements and ethos into their curriculum, facilitated by esteemed professors in the English language. The shadowing program, designed for premedical, medical, pre-nursing, nursing, pre-pharmacy, and pharmacy students, is conducted exclusively in English.

Medical Pharmacy Intership
Medical Pharmacy Internship

Pharmacy Shadowing

The Philotimo Med Abroad Pharmacy Shadowing Program at the Department of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, has as its central objective the provision of students with the appropriate scientific knowledge, skills, and abilities that will serve as resources for their personal scientific development and their future professional career in their subject. 

The basic principles of Philotimo that govern the operation of the Department of Medicine and ensure quality assurance are:

  • Commitment to advancing science and sharing knowledge
  • Ensuring academic freedom in teaching and research
  • Protecting free expression and the exchange of ideas
  • Supporting students’ academic achievement
  • Building and maintaining infrastructure to facilitate teaching and research
  • Focusing on cutting-edge topics
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary work
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